1 thought on “Prayer Service for Father Christopher September 24”

  1. if only the Pope would hear of Fr Christopher’s case and read it and resolve it in his favor –
    pray for the Pope to read this case! We do not believe he has even seen or heard of this case! We hope that the entire church throughout our country hears of it so people will rise up and demand justice!!! ! Throughout the world———- the power of one bishop should not have the final word in Fr Christopher’s priesthood…..
    we really need and want the pope to intercede—

    ………………it is still our prayer for peace and unity again to reign in the church of st Isabel parish — Sanibel island, FL—this matter that thus far has caused and is still causing such sorrow and sadness for a very good person and good priest and his life has been damaged —-as well as several good parishioners and friends and family who stand with him – it is hard to know an innocent priest is suffering as he has suffered these false accusations—-

    Learn the facts and how they have never been called on to state them so that this case can be made known properly and resolved —
    and settled justly and fairly and be concluded soon, too!
    We hope that someone in Rome – the Pope Francis himself—someone will see to it that the Pope does receive and read this case and rule on it so that it will do justice for Fr. Senk !
    God bless everyone who makes sure the Holy Father Pope Francis sees this case—–
    we need MORE good priests who are just like Fr Senk!
    We have to work to keep the good ones in ministry! Pray for the accusers to see the facts —-and for the Bishop Frank Dewane to see the facts right.
    Pray also that they spend time to meet and talk with Fr Senk! We ask for equal time for him to be fairly heard!
    If the Pope reads this case he will not ever find A JUST reason to take away Fr. Senk’s priesthood!
    Bishop Dewane should NOT be allowed to do that either!
    WE PRAY!


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