1 thought on “THREE YEARS AGO TODAY”

  1. From day one of this awful injustice done to Fr.Senk – we believe he has not been treated with basic respect and charity by the accuser nor by the power of his bishop——
    Three years later—we feel great sorrow about how he has been treated! It is always on our minds and hearts and we hope and pray for him daily! It has been very very hard to watch how he has been treated by our church and not yet been resolved .

    I spent a few hours today going through papers I have saved over the last three years of Father Christopher’s case—-and just reading it over again and reading all that has taken place, it is so unbelievable to know Father has suffered due to nothing that HE has caused or done!
    Had Bishop Dewane done as a ”good bishop” should have done, he could have seen from the beginning that Father did not do anything to deserve to lose his right to practice as a priest in good standing!
    Father Senk would have and should have been given equal time with the Knox family member who complained.
    It is easy for us to see that Mrs McIntyre wanted Father to have what she wanted him to have. That was not his ‘fault’ that she saw in him a good person and wanted to make his life a little easier! Why couldn’t that be the logical possibility?

    Read again the ”qualities needed to be a good bishop to his priests ” as told to us in Vatican 2 —-and you will not find those same ”qualities of a good bishop towards the priests in his diocese ” as given the bishops by Pope Francis!

    What proper steps should have been followed from day one?

    Those steps were never considered or presented to Father Senk in this case. Father was accused and found not guilty in the civil case and the bishop wasn’t satisfied with that favorable ruling so he- Bishop Dewane – sent it on to the Vatican. Three years later –
    We pray for justice to be given to Father Senk.

    Fr Christopher’s treatment as a priest in the diocese of Venice,Florida has not been fair to him since day one! Everyone needs to re read the case from start until now – three years have passed–for Father three long difficult and unhappy years –the people have lost the service of a good faithful faith filled priest and friend of many——we all need to re read the facts and understand the injustice done to this good priest who has had no complaints ever of doing or exploiting anyone! We know he is not that kind of person!

    As honest and faithful Catholic laity and clergy we want to remedy this form of injustice in our church. Our church will be better for seeing and addressing this kind of abuse by a bishop to his priests— Hopefully this will not ever happen to another priest ! There are many good priests who wouldn’t want to go through what Father has endured!

    Father deserves kindness from our Catholic church!
    Read Vatican 2 re the bishop and his treatment of priests! Pray for Fr Senk!
    God bless Fr Senk and God bless our Church. Ask the Holy Spirit to help him and our church!!
    Three years of this have been 3 years too many!!


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