2 thoughts on “Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher Christmas Eve”

  1. We may not be physically together but we will be praying together 🙏🙏
    Blessed Christmas to all🙏🙏🥰❤️🎄🎄


  2. May The Spirit of Christmas bring Peace and Reason to the Catholic Church across the World and light to the Bishops who are in “destruction mode” rather than “healing” and “reconcilliation.” May Fr. Christopher Senk be released from these years of persacution and lies as well as those caring and gentle parishoners who built St. Isabels Catholic Church and worked lovingly for many years to keep the high standards of generosity and love flowing in Catholic Christian endeveaors ,yet forno legal reason were harrased and confronted by “hired rude men” to patrol grounds that were a once welcoming safe zone, for prayer ,meditation, and reflection for ALL. May the New Year 2020 be filled with Gods Love.


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