1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 12/31/19”

  1. Thank you for all these prayers……….
    It is good to know that we belong to a community of people (PFJ) who pray for one another’s needs and pray as brothers and sisters ..when one of us suffers we all suffer.
    Today is the ‘Feast of the HOLY Family’—Our homily at church today was by a priest who said his family was dysfunctional as are many families ——-
    and he remind us how Jesus came from a family that seemed so perfect – but if Jesus was human – just as we are human – then He also knows and lived our human sufferings too ——–and He travels with us every minute……
    call on HIM because He is right there near us.
    This priest we had today at our church said he just returned from a trip to the Holy Land and walked on a path that Jesus must have walked on—-I think he said it was in Nazareth——— as this priest walked avoiding the same kind of road where perhaps the cows he saw on the sides of the road had been before him — the same cows had walked before him—that this priest experienced on his trip avoiding the mess on the road—– but he also was aware of and heard birds singing and he said birds must have been singing even when Jesus walked His difficult journey on this same road…….
    We will try to listen and hear the birds singing on our very human however sometimes very difficult walk with Him, too. May the lessons learned from the Holy Family’s journey give us hope and strength for our own journey. May justice come for those who deserve it and peace for all people! Blessings for all of us! Have a good new year to our friends who are presently on the journey! Listen for the song of the birds!


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