A Note From the Lear’s

Reading this made us feel guilty that Ed and I still attend Mass at St. Isabel’s. We have disassociated ourselves from supporting all St. Isabel activities and are actively supportive of Parishioners for Justice . Quite simply put, it was just convenient for us to use St. Isabel’s proximity to our own advantage for attending Mass.  Ed would hold his hand up high as he dropped his penny into the collection basket for all to see. Many would nod their head in understanding, and some would offer their agreement with the act.


It seems that after 3 years Bishop Dewane,  needs a more powerful message.  We believe it only fitting to keep the attendance down, and the revenue commensurate with the attendance numbers,  by keeping the church as empty as can be arranged.  How much more powerful a statement could we make IF the church were empty?


While you would still have the vacationers attending, and the corresponding seasonal swells, BUT that population diminishes for most of the year. To do our part, we will make a sincere effort to attend off-island Catholic Masses beginning in the new year.  Our financial support will continue to be to any worthy RC institution not associated with the Venice Diocese.


On a group level we recommend the Parishioners for Justice place all of its energy to accomplishing 3 goals:


  1. Ensure that Father Chris obtains all benefits he is entitled to as a retiring pastor and to remove any and all restrictions from his being able to perform his priestly duties.


  1. Place all efforts, using every vehicle at our disposal, to mandate restrictions be placed upon the rogue Bishop by church officials, due to his abusive actions and destruction of a once thriving church community. Continued publicity spotlighting specific examples of the abuse of power  he has  initiated and continues to initiate by his actions against Father Chris. The most recent example: Father Chris’s move from the St Isabel’s Rectory and the actions of staff clearly with the Bishop’s support this time of year speaks volumes against Catholic behavior!!!!!


  1. Evaluate previous actions which were effective and those that  might have had little impact..



In conclusion:


We would like to see the Parishioners for Justice conduct a meeting the early part of January to revitalize, analyze, and identify action plans with specific goals.


Thank You for your consideration of our input


Respectfully Submitted,


Kathy and Ed Lear

2 thoughts on “A Note From the Lear’s”

  1. As a member of the parish for almost 40 years, it makes me sad to see it’s demise.
    I cannot believe Fr. Chris’s treatment at the hands of the staff.
    Such awful, uncharitable behavior flies in the face of the church’s teachings.

    I agree with more publicity pointing to the staff’s actions.
    Let’s pray for a miracle that this Bishop is removed.


    1. Amen! I agree. I have been going to St Isabel’s for 3o plus years. It has always been a wonderful community to be a part of. Fr. Chris has done an outstanding job in providing us with a beautiful faith community. This is a sad situation.

      Lois Codair.


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