4 thoughts on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 2/4”


    ———- Original Message ———-
    To: “Marziano, Marianne”
    Date: February 1, 2020 at 6:21 PM

    Bishop Dewane
    you are well aware that my son has been ill for sometime;today was the first time he was able to attend mass,and now he never wants to return their again.
    he was to park the car,drop me off first,then come inside.
    when exiting his vehicle a women approached him Screaming he could not park where he was parked;
    the irony here is, it is exactly where I park my car every week without incident.
    well this woman threatened my son,told him she was calling kristy sheer,asking her to call the fire department;now mind you there are no signs by the church,or the fire department present anywhere.
    my son begins to move his car when he is approached by a man in a suit carrying a weapon;this man states;MOVE YOUR CAR !
    well that’s precisely what he was doing when this armed guard approached him.my son parks in another area,however in the meantime a SUV; exact color, and make of my sons car;parks where my son just left;the guard blocks this car in,takes a picture of the license plate and waits on the owner to return,someone who had nothing to do with anything is now going to be admonished; this armed guard asked for my sons name,was he going to ban him from returning to St.Isabels ?we were hoping to go to Mass,receive Communion,and thank GOD for all HIS blessings,instead my son is verbally assaulted,raising his blood pressure ,bringing back the migrane he had just got rid of ;all of this was totally WRONG ! I pray you instruct this staff to stop treating people as though they were not GOD fearing Catholics,seeking refuge from this culture of life we now find ourselves living in !

    there is a doneybrook taking place for all to hear in front of the church of VHRIST !


  2. It is very sad to read this description of your son going to Mass and being treated this way!
    I am so sorry he experienced this ———
    it made me immediately recall something that happened to my dad — —
    I recall my elderly father telling me about going to another church here in Michigan one Sunday –and he was old — in his early eighties—and had been ill…had used oxygen—-……. he had a hard time finding a parking space……….. so by the time he found a place to park and it was a distance and he parked and went in to the church – out of breath and legs wobbly — with great effort he made it to the last pew – he didn’t see any other places to sit—–the last pew was closest and empty— which was empty but it had a sign ‘ USHERS ONLY.”–
    he figured he could sit there since no one was even in that pew…….an usher came up to him and told he could not sit there———”-it was reserved for the ushers”’—my father went to communion and then out the door———— never to return again——–!

    I told him I was going to write letter to the parish and tell them that they should not have done this to an old person who just wanted to be at mass one Sunday———-
    my father said : ” don’t bother -they will just crumple your letter up and throw in the waste basket!” I felt so bad ……..I did write to them but never did hear back……. not even a note….nothing saying they were sorry they were not more charitable or kind or thoughtful or observant — and I have not forgotten that lack of charity on the part of an usher—and that no one responded to my letter.
    I guess some people don’t care!

    I hope your son will be able to go back someday or to another church that welcomes him as Jesus would have done! We have all had some people in our church who are kind and thoughtful and sorry to say some are not ! May the good ones outnumber the ‘ nons’!

    God bless you and forgive those who are thoughtless .

    Peace. Mary Jo


    1. Thank you,Mary Jo !
      my son has a inoperable brain annerysm;for the very first time since October,when his mom passed;he was out of pain;it was a miracle without question,for we had been saying the rosary daily,and praying to the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY thru her miracoulous medal;then we go to mass to give thanks,receive communion,receive all the graces we require to get thru another week in this culture of HATE we live in;i did not post everything that happened,it would have been far too long;needless to say when exiting church we felt no peace,no love,no compassion,hence I wrote the Bishop another letter,i have also e mailed Cardinal o Malley in Boston,there are only 5 cardinals in the U.S.,he is the only one who may do something about the horrific treatment coming from Bishop Dewane;i do not intend to STOP,i met SAINT POPE JOHN PAUL 11 when in Rome in 2001 and still have the names of cardinals,and others I met,some are no longer with the church but I WILL find some cleric who will assist us with this cross we bear,named Bishop Dewane


      1. I just became aware that at no time has my name been disclosed;it is john (jack) Dalton;we do know each other thru your sister,Page,more importantly I did not want my posts to be read and not identify who I am.
        back in the day I drank and partied but now I am so thankfull GOD allowed me to live this long to repudiate my repugnant past,for NOW ,I am truly a slave to CHRIST !


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