1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher 2/11”

  1. while at church yesterday I was looking at the cross over our altar ……….I thought about how God must have felt so awful about the way His Son Jesus was being treated………… and how God still looks down on each of us and must feel bad about we treat others or how others may treat us still…..we are His sons and daughters too and we know God loves each of us………….and we must love others…….. it isn’t always easy……….but it is worth while……..He told us to love one another—–
    Lent is coming and maybe we can all try to make God a bit more pleased with the way we
    live our lives and treat each other!. Pray to the Holy Spirit to help us do better—-I think that —-every one of us in the church can do better!
    Thank you too for praying for healing for our son as he begins his third week of radiation and chemotherapy –he seems to be doing well and we thank you as his mother and father here!!

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