1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher 3/3/20”

  1. Thank you for all the beautiful prayers ——— I want you to know that pour son Matthew completed his radiation and chemo today and they will do another MRI in April……… then see how much the treatments have done what they needed to do for him and I thank you for your prayers for him. The doctor was pleased that he had ‘no side affects.’..…… very minor ones ———- the doctor wondered if he was just being ‘stoic’ when asked questions asked about how he felt but he said he really didn’t have bad side effects…. he is happy they are over and he wont have to drive 50 miles to and from hospital for the treatments! I thank you for prayers for our son ——–and keep him in prayers as he waits to find out how he did! He is young 51 and daddy of two little ones
    We pray for Fr Senk daily— to get some good news so he can be the priest he was ordained to be! We pray for justice for Fr Senk!

    We also are able pray for Bishop Dewane to see the need for his re-look at justice to Father and have mercy and love in his heart for this good priest from his diocese!
    God bless you for praying for all these things too!
    For all of this we do pray!
    amen – Mary Jo Maher


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