2 thoughts on “March 17th Prayer Service for Fr. Chris”

  1. Thank you everyone for all the prayers said for so many intentions that are so much what we need!
    Our son Matthew is doing good following his 6 weeks of chemo and radiation . we are grateful for that…he has an MRI scheduled for April to see how much the treatments have helped shrink the tumor in his colon. Please continue to pray for our son. He has a good attitude and remains in good spirits as far as we can tell! We thank God for every blessing He sends to Matt and others who are ill!
    We pray daily for Fr Senk to somehow be given what he asks for in his prayers——and really rightly deserves—– to be given back his priesthood so he can be the much needed priest he wants and will always deserve to be!…..

    For all those suffering from the corona virus today and in the days to come——–
    God- please stop this disease and bring us all closer to you in thanksgiving for all you have already done for us in this life! I heard it said a day of prayer to stop this illness is going to be announced — what a good idea! I hope the church via Pope Francis does that! We need all our collective petitions sent to the Lord ! Pray for that !
    Happy St Patrick’s Day to all———– we loved being at st Isabel’s when Father let us sing an Irish Hymn!! So man of the parishioners love to sing and dressed in green to honor this missionary to the Irish and this faithful saint! I loved the song—to Our Lady of Knock!!!!!!! Queen of Ireland—may all my cares and troubles cease—-as I kneel with love before you—— Lady of Knock – our Queen of Peace! Look it up if you don’t know it! ( Knock is a city in Ireland!)
    And St Josephs day is this week ,too! I love St Joseph!!!!!!!

    Lots to pray for! Mary Jo and Henry Maher


  2. sorry to know that ll our churches and praery meeting have had to be suspended………. the virus is the worst thing !
    We will still pray for justice fro Father Senk and for everyone who suffers any illness or sadness……… with you in spirit……..and love..

    Come Holy Spirit……….give our medical leaders the wisdom they need to stop this virus and
    help our church leaders stop the injustice in our world! especially that done to Fr Christopher…for so long the injustice is frightening……
    …….. we turn again to God the Father of us all – to give us wisdom and give us HIS peace. For all people……….. we pray. Amen ! I believe in God’s mercy and love and justice………we need to turn our minds and hearts to thoughts of His love! Lent is a hard one this year isn’t it??????? It is worse for so many others I am sure ! We have faith and that can help us through this awful time…Easter is coming so keep our eyes on His premises!
    Sent with our love and concern for all!
    Mary Jo and Hank Maher


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