1 Samuel 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a
Psalms 23:1-6
Ephesians 5:8-14
John 9:1-41
I encourage you to read the full gospel story from John. Once again, in Year A, we are treated to a beautiful example of John’s ability to tell a dramatic miracle story (called “Signs” by gospel scholars) which is beautifully staged with stars (Jesus and the man born blind), supporting actors (the man’s parents, the disciples, and the Pharisees), and the larger cast (neighbors, and the “Jews,” who represent the subset of Judaism opposed to and fearful of Jesus). We are not meant to be misled into thinking of how was this man cured of his blindness, but rather we are meant to be lead to put our faith in who cured this blind man, a person drawn with his parents into the maelstrom created when an act of pure goodness by Jesus causes the blind man and his parents to be subjected to various interrogations meant to embarrass Jesus. The man’s blindness is symbolic of our faith, and its restoration by Jesus is seen as a fulfillment of what was foretold by the prophets. The challenge to us in this Lenten season is, as our second reading from Ephesians suggests, is to live as “children of the light,” “taking no part in the fruitless works of darkness,” but living lives that produce “every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth.” When Lent ends, and it may end differently than it has in other years without the sacraments being celebrated, we need to be the children of the light that we are called to be.
It goes without saying, that life is changing by the moment with the threat of the coronovirus, and we need to maintain our hope in a brighter future. The famous composer of church music, David Haas, reminds us as so much continues to be canceled, that what really matters is what cannot be canceled, when he tells us:
Love has not been cancelled.
Mercy has not been cancelled.
Prayer has not been cancelled.
Attentiveness has not been cancelled.
Goodness has not been cancelled.
Thanksgiving has not been cancelled.
Kindness has not been cancelled.
Music has not been cancelled.
Conversation has not been cancelled.
Learning has not been cancelled.
Poetry and storytelling have not been cancelled.
Courage has not been cancelled.
Meditation and contemplation have not been cancelled.
Painting and dancing have not been cancelled.
Families have not been cancelled.
Community and solidarity have not been cancelled.
Faith has not been cancelled.
Hope has not been cancelled.
And … God’s presence with us has not been cancelled.

1 thought on “FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT (2020)”

  1. Today the sun was shining bright and it looked like a great first day of spring ——-

    despite the virus and being in our home for a couple weeks now- we decided to take a drive through a wonderful park near our house — a family and the grandpa behind them pushing the buggy with a baby inside it — stony creek metro park is a beautiful park —we are lucky to have it-……I even saw two deer—-a single squirrel—-
    …. there were people walking along talking with each other –or jogging— and others walking with their dogs on leashes …some were strolling near the lake—
    people were riding their bikes , a couple of roller skaters and one or two on skateboards—

    iI made me smile and feel truly happy just to see People out and about!! They were out but keeping the distance needed to hopefully stop this spread of the virus—–meanwhile they were making the best of a difficult situation!

    A little fellow was holding his little orange colored kite.—-it was a windy day for kites!

    When we got home a single robin was seen in our yard — a sure sign of good things to come–he was hopping around —-his orange tummy looking to build a nest I imagine—-he will build one! Our yard would be a good place for that! Welcome Mrs.. Robin!

    spring is truly coming—–spring is here today—- we have hope and we know that the Lord is with us always! That is what He told us: ”I am with you always!” It may snow yet again this year but we are getting ready for a good spring!

    We give thanks for all we have and pray for those who are not able to fully enjoy this beautiful day! We pray they will be well again and enjoy the day no matter what ! Let us together pray for an end to everyone’s suffering! Pray for an end to coronavirus! If you cant get out be sure and look out the window and open it for a breath of fresh air! It is wonderful!
    God is good!


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