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A Prayer For March 28, 2020

A Prayer For March 28, 2020

On March 28, 2020, Fr. Christopher and the true parish of St. Isabel will have been suffering for 1,247 days. While it is rightly difficult to speak of suffering when so many in the world are dying on account of the global coronavirus pandemic, it is still the reality that what the virus does is add yet another layer of suffering to the suffering that has been with us for a very long time now, just as it does the same to those who have already been suffering chronic or life threatening diseases. And so while it increases the angst of most people, it doesn’t erase the days of upset, stress, and even anger, that has plagued our local community since October 28, 2016. While the coronavirus is surely capable of diverting the attention of many, there are still those who have to live with the already existing tension brought about by the malicious actions of an embarrassingly evil Shepherd.
It is hard to imagine an ecclesiastical protocol which could have caused more trouble and upset to a local community. Without the prejudice that fueled the Bishop’s desire to enable the Knott family to make Fr. Christopher’s life a living hell, all of this might never have occured, and our faith community would be facing the single evil of the coronavirus and learning how to be a community of faith in the midst of a pandemic. Instead our battles are on multiple fronts, for no battle will be brought to a conclusion in the foreseeable future.
Our readers should be aware, that all appearances to the contrary, Fr. Christopher Senk is still the Pastor of St. Isabel Church, the Bishop as yet being unable to forcibly remove him. The pathetic staff of course sees it differently, as is evidenced by their treating Fr. Christopher like a criminal, when all he wanted to do was remove his things from the rectory and the church. The removal of Fr. Christopher’s name from the parish bulletin is just a meanspirited act by people who think that it will make a real difference, perhaps with the new people joining the parish who will never have any real knowledge of what they are truly missing.
And so while we all live our socially-distanced lives, let us take time to pray for Fr. Christopher, the parish of St. Isabel, the troubled world we live in, all those who will get sick in this pandemic, and especially those who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic. Let us, too, pray for our enemies, especially those who have caused so many of us such great harm. May God show them the mercy, that they refused to show to us.


1 thought on “A Prayer For March 28, 2020”

  1. The unfairness of it has really changed our lives here ———– Father Christopher has suffered for no honest or justified reason and no one seems to care who can make any changes that would restore his priest hood for him———who will make a difference for him ?

    –in his immediate life– who will make it better…who can make it better??

    I would hope that the Bishop could and would speak to the people involved and make it right for an innocent priest! If Father was their relative or friend maybe they would want justice to be done for him too??
    Maybe they need to meet with Father before Easter – during Holy week?
    Jesus was treated unjustly too—–this case reminds me of what Jesus went through as he was charged with wrongs he didn’t do—-his only wrong was speaking out against the Jewish leadership———–and He suffered greatly —-for doing the right thing! Don’t forget— Ten priests criticized the Bishop and since then Fr. Senk as one of those ten who had a right and obligation to criticize the bishop—has received no kindness or even a fair hearing!

    It is not the way that the Lord would deal with a problem of this kind! It is not the way that our Church should treat those who speak out about something they see as not right!
    We all ask for the Bishop and Father and Marion’s family to get it straightened out now for the good of so many people!!!
    Why would anyone want to ruin a good persons life – for no reason?????? Please tell us what Father did that makes someone so hateful?

    Father is a good person and always was a good priest and he has been suffering with the many untruths of this case! Insinuations are not fair! Can’t someone please set him free to be the priest he was ordained to be and has he has always proven himself to be a good priest, too! Is it the history of our church to silence those who see a need to speak up for what they think is a better way of serving the people of a diocese? To make up an excuse to condemn father in this way has been wrong…….it is hard to stand by and say nothing….. someone needs to make this right for Father! I speak up on fathers behalf because I think it the right thing to do!

    This priest has done nothing wrong —please give him back his life and his peace! It isn’t easy to be charged and not know what he is charged with! Someone in authority needs to care! For this we pray every day!

    God bless Father Senk…please—-I am sure he has suffered greatly!


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