1 thought on “March 31st Prayer Service for Fr. Chris”

  1. For all those people who are alone day after day———-a special prayer for you right now!

    Bishop Barron had a ‘talk’ yesterday and in it he suggested we read Scripture —
    Get your Bible – he suggested the Gospel of Matthew – go to a room and really read it slowly and think about it……we always say we were going to do that but we don’t have time-well now we have time ! and spend some time that way in prayer
    and /or -also try saying the rosary …a beautiful …he mentioned that with each Hail Mary we say ”Pray for us—Now and at the hour of our death” we say fifty Hail Mary’s!…………….
    We will have asked God to pray for us NOW – and at the hour of our death..….
    quiet as it is it is well used quiet time with the Lord— and each of us in this way would be alone with him…
    Pray for all those who are ill and many at the hour of their death !!

    One of our grandkids sent a picture of him in his yard practicing his trombone!!! I sure hope the neighbors enjoyed it! It seems very quiet here——but makes me smile to think of Liam playing his trombone — outside!! Maybe his parents were getting a rest??

    We received a late St Patrick’s Day greeting card today— that made us feel better, too!
    Someone was thinking of us!
    Send someone you know a card! Remember how we used to make ‘spiritual bouquets’?
    —add one to the card ! I wish you health and peace and love and happiness!

    Pray for a good vaccine to end this virus forever some day SOON !
    Mary Jo Maher
    A prayer for all those who suffer from injustice——–like Father Christopher has had to suffer!
    A mother robin just stopped and looked in my window! She is a hopeful sign of good things to d come!


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