we pray for patience , perseverance , persistence—-and to stay positive——the 4 P’s!

we pray for patience , perseverance , persistence—-and to stay positive——the 4 P’s!

As I look up I see white fluffy clouds – and then one big dark cloud…………..
we have a picture hanging on our stairway – it says ‘Smile at the Rain’——I see it as I climb the stairs up and again as I go back downstairs—there are people gathered together holding colorful umbrellas! After the rain maybe a rainbow will be found?

I do hope that we all keep hope and do not forget to pray ———-for an end to injustice for Father and all people————– there are many strangers in prisons for crimes they never committed! Fr. Senk has been suffering greatly- unjustly— I am sure! We need him back on the altar of our Catholic churches! He has so much to offer —he loves the message of Jesus and want to be the good priest he has always been— and we need to hear it as he preaches it——-we need to keep praying and working for his release from this wrong injustice!
We do wonder why anyone would want to ruin another persons life in this unjust way?
We pray that he will get his life back soon! Imagine if it was your son or nephew or friend or cousin?? I wish we knew how to help!!!!! We have tried so many things but nothing seems to have made a difference———it is discouraging but we are going to be patient, persistent and stay positive! This virus will end one day —we need to remember that ! God send down your Spirit – like rain on all the earth! Mary Jo

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