2 thoughts on “Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher 4/28/20”

  1. There are so many stories of miracles in the scriptures……… Jesus calmed a roaring sea…………. He fed the crowds of people————– he healed the sick and gave sight to the blind we need miracles now too Lord———— hear our prayers and answer us…………….. send down your power and Holy spirit and heal us all ! You promised not to abandon us if there was even one believer and we know there are many who believe in You ——–we are sorry for the wrongs we have done and we want to honor you fully! We turn our hearts an thoughts to You Lord and ask you to see our need of a show if your love for our world! Answer us with your blessings ! Hel us and heal all who are in need of healing and your blessings! We love you !
    Amen! We thank you for all you have done but we need you now ! Do not abandon us!


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