5 thoughts on “A Letter From Fr. Christopher”

  1. The Crisis the Catholic Church is undergoing has been long coming. The Evil and Crime in the Orginazition has been evident yet NEVER so BLATANT. War has been declared in the name of GOD many times.
    The tragic side of this is empty churchs,no Vocations. The good are rejected and those who are the best as Fr. Christopher Senk is, are taken down by greedy rulers who do not represent the Goodness and Love Christ represented.
    My husband and I are ever thankful for the years we experienced this Love and Goodness, Friendship and a Church Family that only a few will ever know. OUR PASTOR Fr. Christopher Senk. is the reason for this. The tradgity of the obvious lies and slander for those with legal backgrounds should have been a clear cut case to winin the United States Of America. The Vatican, is far away for any priest and farther for any lay person. We have wittnessed exactly how impossible it is to reach out to such an broken ,medieval system that does not act! All who try suffer and never are given any reason.
    Now it has become clear that those who are persacuted are actually the keepers of the fire, Christ like teachers with strong vocation.
    Fr. Christopher Senk has suffered as has his Parish and no one will never be the same. God Provides and we know Faminly is Family no matter what.
    This Pandemic and the Criminal activity of past years has brought the Cahtolic Church to a
    new place.Leaders will perhaps reach out to a “new world “while we will hold on to the one we have and worked hard to achieve,surronded by people we trust and love. There are no goodbyes’ only ADIOS ( Go With God) Do not go to far away. LOVE NEVER DIES and MEMORIES NEED TO BE MADE.
    Kathleen and Richard


  2. Hi Father Christopher—  It is good to hear from you!    We too have missed you very much and were certain  that you would have been reinstated at St Isabel’s  following  all that took place ( the way you were removed from the parish) and despite  that they were unable to  accuse you of anything  but only to insinuate whatever they were  able or unable to make up —one good thing may have come out of this-perhaps there will be a place in the church  where if people want to complain about something they will now  be able to make their  complaint anonymously——without dismissal ——or false accusations—-and — without  any injustice! I have heard that the church is going to have such an office!       I hope that is true! I  surely  think it is necessary after  following your  case for four years!    Our s disappointment that you are not serving the church in the way that your vocation and ordination  permitted is  beyond hurtful to you and to us and to those who love you!     We thank you for meaningful liturgies and  the many sincere inspirational homilies we heard when at  St Isabel’s!     The people were  hungry for  inspiration and you did that for us!


  3. We blessed with abundant memories of the time we spent at StIsabel s with Fr.Chris and all the parisoners we were like family and will always be !!we will. Remember the beautiful homilies and faith based inspiration from Fr.Chris.!No one can take that away!!
    Some time soon we will be able to be together😄🙏🙏🙏


  4. We have. Been parishioners more than 35 years! Yes we are both in our 90s and feeling blessed !!
    We remember what joy filled our hearts when Fr.Chtis arrived and we were blessed with an outstanding homilist but a true
    Priest of faith and love!Our parish
    Became. a family!!!Fortunatel nobody can take away our our wonderful memories !!We will stay together !!!


  5. Kathleen and Mary
    Have so beautifully described our feelings it is not necessary to repeat them but to say Amen!!!


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