2 thoughts on “Prayer Service for May 17”

  1. thank you! It is good to see Fr. Senk’s picture it is how he was when we attended St. Isabel’s—we miss seeing him !
    We are saddened that he is still suffering all the things mentioned in the words said in this e mail..
    it is our hope that the Bishop will re look and write and contact the Holy See – The Pope — Francis —-who has written so much about truth and mercy…and justice and kindness——….and implore that ‘representative on earth’ to give Father Senk all the rights of his priesthood – his vocation as a priest forever—once again .
    What errors in judgement — what untruths—-were passed along to them about the case four years ago??
    Was it that false rendition or the suggestions to punish in this way such a good and faithful faith filled priest?

    Bring this priest back —return him with his rights– we pray! We only want and ask for justice for Father Senk!
    Mary jo and henry Maher


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