3 thoughts on “May 31 Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher and others in need.”

  1. This prayer 🙏 to the Spirit truly moved me and inspired me. Thank you for the beautiful words, and pictures that in hanse the words. Mary Payne, Minnesota

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  2. Now —today is the feast of the Holy Spirit…..we heard a wonderful homily today about unity————- Msgr. Zenz gave the holily at Holy Name Parish , Birmingham MI on live stream..
    it is a very good talk ! I hope you will try to find it! He talks about the virus and also the state of the rioting going on today in our cities……the murder of George Floyd has made us stop and see the horror of it….what if that was your son or your brother of YOUR father??
    We are all connected through our Father God…our brother Jesus and the Holy Spirit—
    all of us must work together to renew the face of the earth too! when YOU HEAR PREJUDICE OR INJUSTICNE — PLEASE SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT!

    …… MONSIGNOIR talks about the need for good police……and good people… and justice.
    Some man in the crowd on TV cried out
    ”We are all human and it isn’t easy to wake up black everyday and we just would like to be able to go out and not feel like a criminal! I want to be seen as human!!”
    One of my friends has a son who is a policeman and he told her that the actions of this one policeman who killed George Floyd and those other police standing there with him doing nothing to help or stop him from killing the man — gives a bad name to the many good policemen!
    We all weep…and I think that when we weep, Jesus weeps! Somehow we need to treat everyone as human! Msgr.’s voice and talk was the only one I heard from our Catholic Church leaders today- I hope you will watch and hear his homily ! The church needs to make a courageous statement!

    Praying still for peace in this world! Pray for unity! We are all humans!
    Mary jo Maher


  3. As we pray for Peace and Justice and truth for our Dear Pastor and tho our hearts are non violent we must know that the only way to stop this attack on Fr, Christopher Senkand our Country is not only prayer. The only way to stop Bishops like Bishop Dewane is head on, in loud voices and if necessary with force ,to protect what is ours and fight injustice if only in the printed word. Christ was not passive. He stood firm! The beautiful words of prayer and reflection fill me with a sense of peace. Our faith must also strenghten us to stand up and be heard and to constantly pressure this Bishop even if it is only the written word. He must know we will not rest until justice is done.
    We can not be quiet and wait for others to right the wrongs or correct the injustice of the world. Everyone must do thieir part and be strengthened by Faith and Prayer. Strength is in numbers.


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