Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, June 21, 2020

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, June 21, 2020

We come to the Lord asking that in his great kindness he will answer our prayers with his constant help.

  1. That the Church will fear no one, speak in the light what God has revealed, and proclaim on the housetops what has been heard in whispers. We pray to the Lord.
  2. That the world will find peace and be graced with civil leaders blessed with wisdom, compassion, and humility so that no one need fear those who would kill the body through violence or terrorism. We pray to the Lord.
  3. That in observing World Refugee Day this weekend, we will open our hearts to pray for, support, and welcome those who have been forced to flee their homes because of war, persecution, environmental disasters, or violation of human rights. We pray to the Lord.
  4. That children who have been separated from their families by domestic violence, human trafficking, war, or poverty may find compassion, security, and love as they seek renewal and hope. We pray to the Lord.
  5. That all fathers will cherish their role in God’s creation by guiding their children wisely, patiently, and lovingly as they grow to know the importance of faith in their lives. We pray to the Lord.
  6. That in times of trial and uncertainty, fathers may turn to St. Joseph as their guide, father, and model that they may merit to die as he did in the arms of Jesus and Mary. We pray to the Lord.
  7. That as we grow weary, frustrated, and lonely in resisting the coronavirus, we may take comfort and be sustained by Jesus’ words, “So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”, not one of which “falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.” We pray to the Lord.
  8. That those who work on ships and are stranded at sea by coronavirus travel restrictions, and their families, may be blessed by the Lord, and that they may be always under the protection of the Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea.[1] We pray to the Lord.
  9. That Fr. Christopher, and all those who have become “Fathers” through ordination, may be strengthened in their vocations and receive the support of their bishops, fellow priests, and all members of the Church. We pray to the Lord.
  10. That those who are ill from the coronavirus and from all life-threatening disease may receive comfort, compassionate care, and the support, encouragement, and love of family and friends. We pray to the Lord.
  11. That our fathers who have died may be welcomed with joy by all the angels and saints into everlasting life with the eternal Father. We pray to the Lord.

O God, we join our voices with that of the psalmist and pray that in your abundant kindness, you will answer us with your sure deliverance. We make our prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

[1] Based on Pope Francis’ video message of June 17, 2020.

1 thought on “Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, June 21, 2020”

  1. For all of these needs and wants we do pray ….for any who suffer we do pray—-remembering that our ancestors were once immigrants too….and that all people will be treated as Jesus would want us treat them! We can do it! Accept others with concern and kindness just as we want to be treated.

    Happy Fathers Day to all fathers—-young and old….we wish you God’s joy and peace in your vocation to fatherhood–thank you for doing your best to be a good father!
    St Joseph help each of you!


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