1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris and For all those in Need 8/30/2020”

  1. ! What beautiful prayers and to whoever wrote them I say a sincere thank you!

    I ask the Lord to forgive me for not trusting that He already knows the problems we face and pray that together – with His help , we can solve them. Alone we cannot save ourselves –
    !We need You, God, to show us the way!
    WE can and WILL DO OUR PART……..
    Together, with YOU, we can get through these difficult times we ALL now face.
    Please help us to know and trust in Your love for each of us –WE ARE ALL YOUR CHILDREN AND SPECIAL IN YOUR EYES.
    -let us work to find ways to care better about our brothers and sisters and even the strangers in need. HELP US CHOOSE WHAT WE KNOW IS RIGHT! Mary Jo Maher


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