Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time, October 18, 2020

Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time, October 18, 2020

We join together in prayer seeking the wisdom to live as good citizens of our country and of the world while never compromising on principles that reflect the will of God.  

  1. That the Church will demonstrate its faith in Jesus by proclaiming the message of the Gospel in the love it shows to the poor, the displaced, the ill, the abused, and to all people whose lives are overwhelmed by the dissonant clamoring that surrounds them.  We pray to the Lord.
  2. That political leaders who have been called by name and given their titles even though they do not know the Lord will reveal to all people from east to west that there is none besides him through their efforts to bring peace, security, and hope to a troubled world.  We pray to the Lord.
  3. That in prayerfully contemplating the theme of this World Mission Sunday, each of us will hear the voice of God asking, “Whom shall I send” to the friends, fears, and places where he is not found and may receive the grace to respond, “Here I am, send me.”  We pray to the Lord.
  4. That when we approach the Lord in prayer, we may do so without malice in our hearts but with gratitude for all that we have and seeking to better understand his presence in our lives. We pray to the Lord. 
  5. That missionaries will have the support they need to continue their efforts “to meet the spiritual and material needs of people and Churches throughout the world, for the salvation of all.”[1]  We pray to the Lord.
  6. That Fr. Christopher, and all priests who have responded, “Here I am, send me” to the Lord’s call to share the message of the Gospel will be blessed with charitable and supportive bishops and the encouragement of the people they serve.  We pray to the Lord. 
  7. That a dream of dialogue, justice, and peace may inspire us to create healthier societies and a more dignified world, a world without hunger, poverty, violence, and war.[2]  We pray to the Lord.
  8. That those seeking public office will make efforts to unite and lead as the basis of an enduring vision of transformation and growth that makes room for all in pursuing the common good.[3]  We pray to the Lord.
  9. That Catholic people living in countries where they are targeted for their faith, discriminated against at work, and risk torture and arrest may remain steadfast in offering hope and charity to their persecutors and bear all hardships for the sake of Christ.  We pray to the Lord. 
  10. That the surge in the coronavirus around the world and in our country will remind us of our common humanity and lead to consistent and successful actions that demonstrate respect for the sanctity of the lives of all people.  We pray to the Lord. 
  11. That those isolated by illness will find comfort and strength in the efforts of friends and family to console them and from knowledge that they are united with Jesus in their suffering.  We pray to the Lord.   
  12. That those missionaries who responded to God’s call to them with the words, “Here I am, send me” and who have died while living their vocations in this world may share the joy of those who belong to God in the eternal life of heaven.  We pray to the Lord. 

Merciful Lord, we ask for your generous answers to our prayers and for the grace to be better emissaries of the light of faith we proclaim to those who live in darkness.  We make our prayers through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

[1] Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for World Mission Day 2020.

[2] Based on Fratelli Tutti, Paragraph 287.

[3] Based on Fratelli Tutti, Paragraph 159.

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