2 thoughts on “Prayer Service For Fr. Christopher and all those in Need October 25, 2020”

  1. Our prayers for justice for Father and all who are unjustly treated are still ongoing………maybe one day the person who holds him in this unfortunate state ……. making him unable to fully enjoy life — will make it right for Father!
    He is and always has been honest. We have no reason to think otherwise of him even after studying the case against him for all this time—-

    —– NO proof has really been given to us who believe him and care about him…
    so we hope and we pray for the justice that he truly deserves!

    It is not easy for those who have taken his sacramental priesthood – his most treasured gift and identity from him to willingly admit they have been wrong———but it would perhaps free them from the harmful misjudgment they have made.

    Let us ALL pray that thy do that! Father is a good priest….He has always been a good priest. We have no doubt of that!
    He is needed by those of us who want justice for him-especially in this difficult time in our own lives! We need to have this hope in our church renewed!

    Thank you for not forgetting Father Christopher! He has suffered injustice way too long!
    In real hopefulness and faith in God—– we ask these favors.
    Mary jo Maher


  2. I am not a computer wizard, so if this does get through I will be pleased as it is my second attempt to reply to Fr. chris o his stance regarding the upcoming election. We cannot kill unborn children in order to right all the wrongs of our world. The innocents did not create this mess and should have a right to life also.
    This is a matter of moral issue and should not be swept aside. It is a time for all Catholics to stand up for these children. All lives matter!


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