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  1. It is good to remember all those who have gone before us who when we think of them and the lives they lived – how we can see them as” the real saints”! I thank God for the ones whose in names we never knew or studied about in school —-but because they were kind or friendly in passing my spaces—- they brought happiness —it is a blessing to be friendly ! It is a blessing to recall their words now and their smiles and love! If we made a list of the ‘saints’ we have known and still may know—I hope your list would be as long as my list!

    —A smile from and with our hearts works too!— even passing strangers need our smiles!
    For all the saints with no well known names—i Thank YOU! I even think of some of the living people i know today —as real saints! I believe some of YOU are saints, too!!! Maybe all of you are saints ! I think so!
    Amen – Mary Jo


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