2 thoughts on “Prayer Service For Fr. Christopher and all those in Need 11/29/2020”

  1. During advent maybe we could all remember to pray with NEW HOPE for Fr Christopher and ask God to give us what we have asked for for so long……….. that Father be restored to his ministry of caring and compassionate ministering to the people as a priest who is needed and loved by Jesus— and so needed by the people he served who are going though these sad days of the dreadful virus…………. give Father and all of us —give us back hope and give us back this good priest! We are like children waiting for good news of Fathers return –let it be the one special Christmas gift for all of us! It would mean so much to Father and to all of us! Mary JO and Hank Maher
    please pray for our son Matt who has surgery on the 29th —and for our son Mike and his wife Erin who were tested today and they have the covid 19 virus. They went to a neighbors house last Friday and the hostess called to say she had the virus so they went for testing and they found out today they do have the virus. There were 6 people at the house last Friday. We must all be careful and keep the suggested rules of staying covid free! . Thank you for those thoughts and prayers for our family once again! We must all do our part and wear masks, distance wash hands , etc! Thanking God now that they will be OK ! They will quarantine for the rest of the time! They have three young children who will wear masks at home too! Thank you! God is with us all the time! Advent is coming!


  2. Per a message left on our answering machine by Bishop Dwayne (a request for CFA) and if we have a special intention we wish to pray for we may call 941-486-4721. Let’s all leave him
    Mary Jo message to “give Father Chris and all of us back hope and this good priest!
    And let’s all keep the Mahers in our prayers as well.


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