1 thought on “Christmas Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher and all Those in Need”

  1. Life is so short here on this earth….it is not right to make someone suffer as Fr. Senk has had to suffer——-why does someone or why does our church still inflict on him an unfair punishment e g not being allowed to practice as the faithful and good priest he is and has always been? Why Lord?

    Merciful Jesus, we beg You – send down your ‘righting of this wrong’ which has been done to Fr. Senk! What has been done to him is as bad as any physical illness! We cannot imagine his suffering! Be kind and merciful to Fr Christopher. Lord Jesus—-Please do this one thing we ask for of You this Christmas.
    For those sick……. all those who suffer in any way—–make the road smooth for them!
    Life is short—–what we do for others comes back to us ! Please we beg- be good to others as God is good to you. We want Fr. Christopher and each person who knows him to have a Merry Christmas! We celebrate your birthday by asking for this, for justice for Father !
    Amen! Mary Jo and Hank Maher


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