Prayer Service

Prayer Request for Father Christopher

We are requesting prayers for Fr. Chris who will have surgery tomorrow Friday the 5th.  He ruptured his Achilles heel and it needs to be fixed ASAP.  Thanks, we will try keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Father Christopher”

  1. Oh! We are so sorry to hear that ! Thanks for letting us know! He will be on our prayer list for sure!

    I hate to ask – but how did it happen??

    i am sure he didn’t slip on the ice and snow that we have to be so careful about here in our MIchigan winters! With all he has had — but we know he will recover!!!!!!
    Get well fast, Father ! Do not be in a hurry — slow down!!
    peace! Mary jo and Hank Maher


  2. How did it happen??You didn’t need this experience !!!! We will pray for Successful surgery and recovery🙏🙏🙏🥰


  3. He is now also in need of a hip replacement and Bishop Dewane has issued a warning that he must vacate his home within 2 weeks time for one year ;may the living Christ and on this feast day of OUR LADY AT LOURDES,protect him,strengten him,assit him in this vendetta by this sad excuse for a Bishop.


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