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  1. we have not forgotten you Fr. Christopher–we often think of you and what you brought to the church via the parish of St Isabel’s on Sanibel island—-we are glad our paths crossed
    –we feel very unhappy and remain dishearted that you have been ignored by the church we loved—and that you are unable to be the fully active priest you wish to be–and we know you have given your life work to that ministry——and we know you are a good man and good priest – no matter what has been denied to you. God knows that too!
    This has made us question the way the church operates! Is it the way God intended it to be??? We do not think so!
    We have all been denied the kind of liturgy that you always offered for all the people – that made us feel a part of the messages of Jesus and the community where we worshiped—that message you always preached …we truly miss those good homilies you prepared and gave on the readings and ideas you passed on to us at weekdays and Sunday masses when we were at Sanibel island. It was very special to be there!
    We hope that God knows of your unjust punishment–that is how we see it—-as you are suffering still for no reason—and we pray that God comes to your aid — it has been way too long for you to suffer the ”slings and arrows” of some of the leaders of the church you have loved and you still thankfully are trying to serve.
    Happy birthday, Father Senk! And Happy Anniversary on becoming a devoted and true priest — you ARE a good priest–FOR YOU ARE a loyal and faithful priest- friend—- forever!
    God bless you today and always. Sincerely. Love, Hank and Mary Jo


  2. MaryJo puts my thoughts and prayers so beautifuly my faith keeps me strong and I believe that God will continue to give you the strength to continue your priestly ministry as you have🙏💕🙏🙏


  3. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I still respect you as a priest, no matter what, and I continue to pray for you and all victims of abuse. I’ve told you before, you’re like a brother to me and I hate that I can’t make this all go away. I hate what it’s doing to you physically, mentally and probably spiritually. Just know I still love you! Bless you!

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