Has Fr. Christopher made a difference in your life? Give us your Testimonial….

Kathleen Zagustin Father Christopher…..how many ways can we describe the positive impact you have made on our lives. I have lived all over the world and attended Mass from St. Peters in Rome to a hut in the Amazon territroy in Venezuela. My husband and I have been blessed with various priest friends who are unique and dedicated, but only Father Christopher challenged us with love. We looked forward to each Sunday knowing we would be blessed with a spiritual gift and would leave church giving thanks for such a beautiful time in prayer. Even when he was suffering great pain physically,he always was there for us. He is a “teachers,teacher”. There always was a challenge to take and reflect upon. Christmas and Easter were truly times we cherished and celebrated fully at St. Isabel’s with the warmth and love that filled every corner of the church. Fr. Christopher’s detail and dedication to vocation was always present. The music, flowers, even on Mothers Day and Fathers Day everyone was included. He somehow managed to embrace everyone in his goodness,he never once critizided anyone and always greeted everyone with acceptance. We left church feeling closer to God. For Richard and I ,Father Christopher has become a inspiration in a difficult and troubled world.

Ed Hendrick Been a practicing Catholic for over 70 years and Fr Senk’s approach to spirituality and community has unqualifiedly been the finest experience of all the parishes I have been a part of, and I have lived in almost every section of our very diverse country