A church that has been rocked by so much over the past decade

I have known Fr. Christopher for over 40 years. Beginning in my freshman year at St. Anselm College, he was and continues to be a caring and honorable man. He was a mentor and disciple to so many over his impeccable career in the Church and the various educational institutions that he served and dedicated his life to. How the Frank Dewane, I will not give him the courtesy or respect of calling him Bishop, who has been accused by so many under his dominion as being corrupt can get away with this is unimaginable.  A church that has been rocked by so much over the past decade, that has lost so many followers and that its hierarchy can allow this to continue is disgraceful.   Dewane should not resign, he should be defrocked like so many of his ilk and Fr. Christopher should be reinstated immediately. This is and continues to be shameful.  This cannot continue!

Michael Winston

8 thoughts on “A church that has been rocked by so much over the past decade”

  1. This letter is so true,The Bishop should be punished for what he is doing to Father Senk and our parish and church.This travesty must not continue.


  2. This letter from Michael Winston is so true. Thank you for writing it, I feel the same way. The situation is going from bad to worse. It is Duwane that needs to leave, so we can get back to treating Father Chris like the wonderful ,caring, Christian priest that he is. We want him back at St. Isabel’s. Anne Walter


    1. Amen
      Dick Brown
      A recent convert who was mentored by Father Chris. I wouldn’t be a Catholic if it were not for Father Chris. He needs re sanctioned.


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