Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

Twenty-Fith Sunday of Ordinary Time 9/23/2018

Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time, September 23, 2018

We bring our needs before the Lord, confident that he hears all our prayers and responds with loving kindness.  

1. That the scandals plaguing the Church may lead to genuine renewal wherein bishops will faithfully shepherd the Church with humility, compassion, and justice, freeing it from all forms of abuse.  We pray to the Lord.
2. That world leaders and all people may provide safe havens, opportunities, and hope to the millions of refugees fleeing persecution, war, and violence.  We pray to the Lord.
3. That parents and grandparents may receive children into their midst with open arms, receiving Jesus and the One who sent him.  We pray to the Lord.
4. That children who have suffered harm from any form of abuse may be protected from further danger and have their spirits restored.  We pray to the Lord.
5. That the people of the Carolinas and Southeast Asia who have been victims of strong hurricanes may receive compassionate support and recover quickly.  We pray to the Lord.
6. That Pope Francis may be guided by the Holy Spirit as he carries his message of faith and hope to the Baltic nations.  We pray to the Lord.
7. That Father Christopher and all people who are conspired against by the haughty and ruthless may receive Gods help and know that the Lord sustains their lives.  We pray to the Lord.
8. That we may seek greatness through humility by placing ourselves at the service of others. We pray to the Lord.
9. That those who are ill may find relief from their suffering through knowledge of Gods faithful love, through compassionate care, and through the prayerful support of their communities.  We pray to the Lord.
10. That the deceased members of our families and of our parish may be welcomed into the eternal joy of heaven by all the angels and saints. We pray to the Lord.
11. For our own intentions that we recall in silence…….. We pray to the Lord.

O God of power and might, you rule the world with justice and support us in our times of trial.  We ask that you receive our prayers and give us those things that we truly need, for we offer these prayers through Christ our Lord.   Amen.

1 thought on “Twenty-Fith Sunday of Ordinary Time 9/23/2018”

  1. We remember to pray for these same petitions everyday!…………mostly for Pope Francis to do what he has to do to right the wrongs of our church…….
    and mostly for justice for Father Senk…….. and for all who are unjustly accused……….
    Please God- Send us honest people in our government and in our church who will read and become informed and settle these problems once and for all! Return Father to his full ministry.and good reputation as the good priest he has proven himself to be .

    Please God- let someone care enough to look into this matter—-and let Father know he is not forgotten by our church and our people! .
    That is our hope and prayer !


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