2 thoughts on “Christmas Prayer Service”

  1. So beautifully said – thank you……. we pray for peace and good will toward men—and for that miracle that Father will be returned one day to St Isabel and to his priestly ministry…. I had hoped for that to happen this Christmas.. but still no word has reached us…….. the words spoken here do help ease our sadness we all feel when someone is missing..someone like Fr Christopher- – . the miracle we ask for hasn’t come yet. It remains our prayer ,,,
    .. It feels like we are on a ship -alone on rough water— a ship without a captain without Fr Senk’s leadership and knowing he is using his gifts ,,,we need his kind of priest!
    This new born Jesus came as a baby and for 33 years he showed us and taught us by his life- the way to live…and then he died on the cross…arms still outstretched in love…..for all of people. We thank God for sending us His Son Jesus…He will guide the ship until Father gets justice. I trust Him.
    Merry Christmas despite our sadness that is felt in our hearts. Thank you for the pictures and the words that help!
    Praying still for peace and justice !
    We will have JOY again because we know we are each one loved by this Jesus whose birthday we celebrate and who can change the hearts and our world … and so we ask! !


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