1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 7/9”

  1. We have asked for Father’s intentions and our own hopes and prayers for Father Christopher and we know that He, the Lord, does not make false promises…We believe He will give us all that we ask for…Father must be returned to his full ministry—-
    we ask for justice for all those who serve sentences that are unjustly imposed on them —-
    we ask God to free all those who suffer unjustly in any kinds of prisons– imposed on them unjustly. We ask for their freedom from all they suffer. Give them the freedom they deserve.

    We pray for the truth that needs to bring out into the light all the injustices for which they suffer. We place ourselves in Fathers shoes so we do not forget how he feels as he suffers this injustice.
    How would any of us feel if we or our loved ones were unjustly sentenced for something we or they did not do?
    We ask the Lord to set Father free from this burden he bears…it is only fair and right!


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