October, 2019: Diocese of Venice lists Rev. Christopher Senk as Pastor of St. Isabel Parish and a Temporary Administrator.  St. Isabel Parish Bulletin lists neither position and purges Fr. Senk from listing.

Cumulative St. Isabel Parish Bulletin weekly information provides a total Offertory Collection for 2018-19 fiscal year as $507,489.96.  Financial Summary in the Bulletin of September 29, 2019 states total Offertory collection as $577,880.54.

Diocese of Venice claims ~635 families in St. Isabel Parish in its CFA Financial weekly updates.  St. Isabel Parish claims 555 families in its Financial Summary in the Bulletin of September 29, 2019.

Diocese of Venice claims $152,335.95 was contributed to the CFA for the year 2018 from St. Isabel Parish.  The Financial Summary in the St. Isabel Bulletin of September 29, 2019 claims CFA contributions received by the Diocese to be $162,234.44

Priest of the Diocese of Venice arrested, put in jail for almost 20 hours, released on bail, uses legal maneuvers to delay trial.  Diocese reacts by transferring the priest from his assignment, assigning him to a parish more than 100 miles away, and increasing his responsibility by making him the administrator of that parish.

Priest of the Diocese of Venice maliciously accused of taking advantage of a senior for financial gain.  Civil investigation leads to sheriff declaring priest was “not guilty of anything.”   Diocese of Venice reacts by telling priest a warrant for his arrest exists, encourages priest to petition for laicization, and removes priest from active ministry.


  1. Over and over Bishop Dewane has done his best to remove anyone that questions him or does not bow down to him. Not even the decisions of the Justice System of the State of Florida is respected by Dewane! It is time to invite Investigation of the Diocese of Venice and Bishop Dewane, by the United States Justice System. The Diocese of Venice is listed as NOT TRANSPARENT by attorney’s who receive civil claims! That may be because of enormous pay compensation settlements that demand silence. The State of Florida alledgely was investigating this probllem, according to a statement by the Attorney Gereral over a year ago. So what happened? The facts show that money is not properly accountd for and used as Parishoners are led to beleive.. This is a Nation Wide Plague! Most churches have to be transparent yet the Criminal Activity of the Catnolic Bishops were not INVESTIGATED until receintly. The Diocese of Venice is on the list.
    We would like to think all the work and money given to build Our Catholic Church as a “home” for prayer and spiritual strength not only for ourselves but for generations. NOT SO. The Bishop has shown the Parish of St. Isabel’s that in one stroke of his malicious hand he can destroy it all. He RULES and DESTROYS at WHIM leaving many “souls” looking for shelter out of danger. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER FOR JUSTICE.


  2. I think we all need to pray for Bishop Frank Dewane. It is obvious that the devil has entered his sole. Not his body. Not his mind but his sole. How else could the evil of the devil cause so many to leave the church of their worship. What better way to cause a perish to diminish in it beauty, attendance, and members christian love. It is so obvious to believers what the devil has done to you, Bishop. Cast out the devil and return our loving pastor to his rightful position as pastor of your congregation. The happiest time of my long religious life was serving Father Senk and the devil took it away.
    Not a loving member of our church. Not a relative of that member. Not you, Bishop, but the devil that has entered your sole. I ask you bishop, take hold of the devil and cast him out. Stomp on the snakes head. Crush him. Cast the devil out of your sole. Return our Pastor, Father Senk to our parish. Return our members to their place of worship. Return our parish to its glory. I will pray for you again tonight Biship as you will need many prayers.


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