3 thoughts on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris and all that need our Prayers May 24”

  1. If we all saw things the same way and had the same viewpoints—-that might move us forward. I do not see that happening!

    Maybe we need to look again at the way in which decisions were made by the Bishop that makes us upset and feel like injustice has been done to Fr. Christopher?

    Perhaps Bishop Dewane should go back to the beginning and see what might have been done differently?

    The way things are today cannot be the end he sought———why would he want to keep Father from serving the people?
    I cannot believe if in the beginning it had been looked at carefully and both sides were given the same opportunity to be heard—things would not have to be this way today.

    One thing we ALL believe in and know for a fact is that Fr Christopher is a good person and good priest who deserves to be heard and given back his priesthood as he has always known it —-and always faithfully lived it. Everyone wants justice for Father Christopher. Let’s start there!

    If we could all start over from the beginning again – make some changes in looking with fresh eyes- maybe we might be able to move forward and be more fair and just to Father? .

    . I hope some day soon The Holy Spirit will enlighten all parties and help us resolve this for Father. We canal make mistakes and all need to be listened to and be heard! Praying for this to happen even after all this time! A lot of time and energy and anguish has been put into thinking about this matter!
    I really want justice for Father!
    Happy Memorial Day for all
    Pray for an end to this virus!


  2. I agree with all you have written here,however im not optimistic that will ever happen;father gates gets a D.U.I.;ITS dismissed in court in 30 seconds,when he is 100 percent guilty ,blew twice the legal limit;then this Bishop promotes him ! father Martin does absolutely NOTHING and gets promoted from administrator to pastor;the only reasoning I see behind that is to formally remove our beloved Father Christoher as Pastor;how can we hope to prevail as long as this Bishop is in office?
    I am unfamiliar with canon law ;I have never seen a Bishop removed only promoted to Rome,and that is Cardinal Law from Boston;covering up pedofiles by moving them to different parishes
    I only know the POWER of prayer and will continue to do so


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