Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, June 14, 2020Draft

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, June 14, 2020

We offer our prayers and petitions to the Father as people of faith who sometimes quarrel among ourselves but who seek Jesus’ life-giving presence in our lives.

  1. That the Church will be strong and steadfast in proclaiming the truth of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist as God’s gift to all humanity. We pray to the Lord.
  2. That as we are united into the one body of Christ, people of all cultures, denominations, and races will find unity of purpose in building peaceful and loving communities. We pray to the Lord.
  3. That while the coronavirus remains a threat to the health and welfare of many people, government and church officials will make informed and wise decisions protecting the lives of those they serve. We pray to the Lord.
  4. That violence and injustice in our country will not foment further violence but will be obliterated by recognition that the diversity of people that grace this earth is part of the revelation of the image of God in his creation. We pray to the Lord.
  5. That those who are isolated, unemployed, or discouraged by the coronavirus pandemic may be strengthened by friendships, find employment, and infused with hope as they seek to restore their lives. We pray to the Lord.
  6. That those who are hungry may find nourishment, and that the bread that has come down from heaven will fill us all so that we may live forever. We pray to the Lord.
  7. That those refugees who wander today through the vast and terrible desert with its parched and waterless ground, as did the Jews who followed Moses long ago, may find refuge and welcome as they seek safety. We pray to the Lord.
  8. That the scourge of child labor, identified by Pope Francis as a form of slavery and imprisonment that results in physical and psychological suffering, may be eliminated through efforts to protect minors who are the future of humanity and whose growth, health, and serenity must be fostered.[1] We pray to the Lord.
  9. That as he celebrates the 44th anniversary of his priestly ordination this week, Fr. Christopher may find support and encouragement from the people he has served, look forward to continuing to live his vocation, and receive justice, compassion, honesty, and peace from his bishop. We pray to the Lord.
  10. That all those who are ill may know the truth of bread and wine turned into the body and blood of Christ and be strengthened by their reception of this sacrament. We pray to the Lord.
  11. That those who have died having eaten of the bread that came down from heaven, and all people, will have life because of Jesus and will live forever. We pray to the Lord.

O God, on this Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, we hear of people who hungered as they wandered through the desert; of those who were disturbed by the instruction to eat the body of your Son; and of people, though many, who are one by partaking of the one loaf. In these days as we hunger for life as we knew it and are divided by social norms, we ask that you answer our prayers and unite us through the sacrament of your Son, Jesus, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

[1] Based on remarks of Pope Francis on June 10, 2020 in regard to Word Day Against Child Labor observed on June 12, 2020.

1 thought on “Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, June 14, 2020Draft”

  1. thank you!!! Those petitions are beautiful and we can all try to make them a reality in this world we live in…………….

    I think they are wonderful petitions…Happy anniversary to Fr Christopher….we hope and long for the day his gift of priesthood is restored for him….the truth will set him free of this punishment he has endured………. how long is this punishment going to last???????????? I fear some untruths were told about him and have been sent to the Holy See……….. that is the Pope? Did the [ Pop[e really ever read them and question the documents sent them?

    And did the Pope really ever see for himself the false words delivered?? I hope that the untruth teller is discovered and apologizes to Father Senk! His good reputation has been harmed greatly! I worry that should he die tonight people will not know the truth that he did nothing wrong and does not deserve this!

    God bless someone who will uncover the mystery of untruths told—-we all hold in our hearts and prayer for that day when father is declared innocent a of any wrong doing!! We deserve to know the truth!

    God bless this good priest on his anniversary!. We are happy to know him! He is a good priest!!!!! Nothing he may have done deserves such a punishment! Give him back his priesthood we pray !
    sincerely, Mary Jo and Hank Maher


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