1 thought on “September 13 Prayer Service for Fr. Chris and all those in Need.”

  1. thank you for praying for our son Matt who has one more chemo treatment – then they will start to decide re a second surgery …… keep him in prayers, He has done so well since finding out just before Christmas last year that he had colorectal cancer..
    they were evacuated (they chose to leave before officially needed to go)this past week because the area they live in had such red skies from the fires in Oregon… but they returned home from sheltering at the other grandmothers house in Portland today. We give thanks! They are thought to be safe now.., they did not see any damage on way home to their house. Just smokey skies and smoke in the air. Thank you for praying for me too–I have another basal cell MOHS surgery on Wednesday on my nose!
    Much appreciate it…the last one I had last week – it went well! stitches are out and it looks fine!

    So much to pray for! We were told today that God is merciful…let us see it now for Fr Christopher and for all who suffer. Lord be merciful!

    amen. mary jo Maher


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