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  1. thank you again for those prayers for advent and for all who are ill and for our service men and women…for those who have died and those who lost loved one and those who are dying this evening and tomorrow! Doctors, nurses and patients alike—
    For justice for all—especially for Fr Senk——-that God will forgive us our trespasses as we forgive each other-

    we pray GOD will end this virus…and end all the suffering ! we pray that men and women and teens and little children will turn their hearts to the Birthday of Jesus—the real Lord of Love and peace ! What shall we give HIm for coming again to this world? Let us give Him our love!

    For young people that their lives will be lived for the good of all — a Child shall lead us– by the innocent words and lives they live –little children can teach us!
    We pray for ALL the children !
    amen. mary jo


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