1 thought on “January 8th Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher”

  1. I have hope and I want all of the people who have stood with Fr Senk to have hope—one day someone will see that justice is done for him and he will be able to be the priest we all knew him to always be…………let’s not stop praying for him and his return to his priesthood and rightful mission and ministry……the ”good old days are NOW” for someone who will one day look back at our Church as it is today…. we make the history as we live the message that Jesus taught us! If we don’t know our history as Catholics we may make the same mistakes and repeat them–we do not want that burden any longer——so live today with that in mind!
    Love God and love others!
    If there is some thing or any thing wrong in our church- we do need to see it and correct it now….. so that it doesn’t continue to not allow us to be that shining light of a ‘church’ He intended. All of us working together can correct the errors of the past … the ‘good old days” need to be ”today’s good new days!”
    our prayers for Justice and Peace go out to all people who are presently unjustly accused …
    our hearts tell us Father Senk is unjustly accused and we want that present injustice corrected by our Church that we continue to stand with—we love our church and want it to be the best it is supposed to be!
    -and Lord Jesus please inspire it’s earthly leaders to do the right things!!! We all have that HOPE! Give us reasons to hope!
    thanks P.F.J. members for those beautiful prayers –I woke up with hope and I will go to bed tonight with hope and I know God doesn’t disappoint me! -and won’t disappoint you!


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