1 thought on “Prayer Service for Our Pastor Fr. Chris 6/18/2019”

  1. on a recent bus trip that Hank and I had to Vermont————– there was an interview done at Niagara Falls NY and interviewed my husband Hank….he was just walking in the crowd— ….. they wanted to ask about ‘Fathers Day’ — Hank told the interviewer we had five children and fourteen grandchildren and all he wanted for Fathers Day was for them to know they are loved and that he loved them.. and no trinkets please! Just give him your love and if you need to give a gift just give something that can be consumed–smile—
    when we got back on the bus the tour director took the microphone and told the others all about the interview and said: ” I am sure there isn’t a person on this bus who wouldn’t like a father just like Mr. Maher! ” (she said her own dad left when she was little and so she was raised by her mother—and she would choose a father just like my husband!)
    I agree———–my husband has been and is a wonderful father!

    Happy Fathers Day to Father Christopher , too! I think he would be a wonderful father and has proven to be a wonderful spiritual father to many of us!! He may not even know that but he has been helpful to many of us along the way of life——– We are proud of him! We pray for him to soon regain his priestly ministry! That he deserves as he is a good priest and Father !

    Happy Fathers Day to all you good dads! Big kids and little kids—-We all need you ! We love you!
    mary jo maher


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